Posted 6/16/16: Suspicious Fires in Loch Lomond-Bayside Acres-Glenwood Area

On June 14 and 15, at least 5 fires of suspicious origin ignited in and around the China Camp watershed area above the Loch Lomond, Bayside Acres and Glenwood subdivisions. There may have also been a similar fire near San Pedro School. The Arson Investigation Division of the S. R. Fire Department is still investigating and has not yet issued a report. However, S.R. Fire Chief Christopher Gray has stated that a suspect is in custody. No confirmation has been obtained as yet from either the S.R. Police or Marin County Sheriff’s Departments.

Meanwhile, as the saying goes, “If you see something, say something.”

If you have any information on these fires or other suspicious activity, you can contact the following:

S.R. Police Department: 911 or (415) 485-3000
S.R. Fire Department: 911 or (415) 485-3304
Marin County Sheriff’s Department: (415) 479-2311