Posted 6/3/16: Pt. San Pedro Road Trenching Work

The Marina Committee has been informed that PG&E will be doing some work related to The Strand in June, possibly as early as June 6. It will involve an area on Lochinvar Road and Pt. San Pedro Road east of its intersection with Lochinvar.

This work includes a trench in the roadway from the intersection of Locksly and Lochinvar down the west side into Pt. San Pedro Road, then east across the intersection and down Pt. San Pedro Road for about 60′ where in will jog back into the grass area on the north side of the road. At that point, some PG&E facilities will be installed to replace the ones currently on the east side of Lochinvar about 20′ north of Pt. San Pedro Road. From there, a trench will be dug to connect to the vault recently placed in the westbound lane next to the median near the current entrance to Andy’s Market. PG&E’s announcement stated that:

The work is part of a system-wide program to ensure the safety of the gas pipelines and provide safe, reliable and affordable natural gas to customers.  The project involves installing a new pressure regulator “using proven installation techniques.”  It should not interrupt gas service.  There may be “a loud steady noise” and the “smell of natural gas as we empty the pipeline in a controlled and safe manner.”

This work will likely include some temporary single-lane closures and traffic flaggers on Lochinvar Road and Pt. San Pedro Road.  The PG&E utility boxes in the grass area will ultimately be screened with a wood slat fence covered by blooming vines.