Posted 9/12/16: Panel Meeting 9/21/16 on the San Rafael Downtown Station Area

Wednesday, September 21,  7:00 – 8:30 PM
Tamalpais Room, San Rafael Corporate Center
750 Lindaro St, San Rafael 94901

The Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods is hosting a forum to discuss the vision for the SMART train downtown station area. There will be a panel of committed public officials and dedicated non-profit spokespeople, each bringing expertise and perspective to the discussion.  The panel will discuss the future of the extremely confined site that has conflicting uses.

The lead question is: “What vision do each of you have to guide the very real decisions now being made in the Downtown Station Area – the future of the new transit center, the old train depot, commercial crossroads, area creeks and pathways?” 

Below are the goals that the Federation feels that the residents have:

  • Efficient flow of traffic from Hwy 101 and onto city streets
  • Safe pathways for pedestrians and cyclists traveling all directions
  • Appealing, aesthetic, and welcoming appearance
  • Reflection of our City’s natural setting and history

Mayor Phillips, SMART Board, City Subcommittees
Danielle O’Leary, Director of Economic Development
Damon Connolly, County Supervisor District 1
Katie Rice, County Supervisor District 2
Kate Powers (or rep), Marin Conservation League
Rebecca Woodbury, Senior Analyst, City of San Rafael
Bill Carney, Sustainable San Rafael, Citizens Advisory Committee on Economic Development
Jeff Rhoads, Friends of Smart
Cynthia Landecker, San Rafael Heritage Representative
San Rafael Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Representative
Marin County Bicycle Coalition