Posted 9/29/16: Loch Lomond Marina Update

On Monday September 19, 2016, the Coalition’s Marina Committee met with the S.R. Community Development Department and S.R. Dept. of Public Works (DPW) for our regular monthly review of the developments at The Village at Loch Lomond Marina (aka “The Strand”). The public is encouraged to communicate with the Marina Committee using the Contact the Marina Committee form to raise any issues or concerns so that they may be brought to the City’s attention.

The following items were discussed:

Eastern Connection Between Parking and Breakwater: The Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) has become actively involved in the issue of the frequent flooding of this area at high tide (called “overtopping”) and have included it in a recent Notice of Violations to the developer. Maggie Weber of BCDC participated in this meeting by phone and provided updates. Confidential negotiations are underway between BCDC and the developer. Ms. Weber stated that a conceptual agreement to resolve this problem has been reached but not yet finalized with the developer.

Public Access to Central Spit Playground: The playground is now open to the public as a result of actions by this Committee and the involvement of BCDC. However, the bathrooms remain locked and inaccessible. This is partly due to some construction issues that need to be resolved. According to Ms. Weber, BCDC is levying daily fines on the developer until the facilities are fully open to the public.

Western Spit: The Committee pointed out that there continues to be debris (pipes, rebar, etc.) along the water edge of this spit facing the neighboring San Pedro Cove HOA that was to have been removed by the developer. Ms. Weber said she was unaware of that situation and would add it to her list. The fencing that had been placed on this spit was also discussed. It is an impediment to the views of the Bay and surrounding area. However, BCDC said that the fence was included in their permit and removing it now would require a written request by the developer with strong evidence that the fence was not needed or was ineffective for protecting environmentally sensitive areas.

Public Access Hours: There is a disagreement between the City and BCDC regarding hours of operation. BCDC generally requires all public areas in its jurisdiction to be open 24/7 unless there is a strong and overriding reason to imposed limited hours. The City wants the facilities open only dawn-to-dusk. Maggie said that the property owner (the developer now, the Mello-Roos District later), not the City, must submit a request for limited hours in writing with strong reasons, such as police reports of illegal behavior. Barring BCDC granting limited hours, the facilities and restrooms must be open 24/7. However, the breakwater itself was approved for limited dawn-to-dusk hours and is so posted.

Lochinvar Road Repaving: The block from Pt. San Pedro Road to the first intersection (at Bonnie Banks) has been fully repaved. The intersection at Bonnie Banks will be fully repaved, too, when the curbs at all four corners have been modified with handicap ramps. This is expected to occur before year-end.

Pt. San Pedro Road/Lochinvar Road Traffic Signal Light: The recent trenching by PG&E severed the in-road sensor by necessity, and as a result the signal has been placed temporarily on a fixed timer. This will be returned to a traffic-sensor-controlled mechanism but no schedule has yet been provided.

Pt. San Pedro Road Repaving: Eventually, the major intersection and the roadway to the east of that intersection will be fully repaved with the same sound-deadening asphalt originally used. However, this will not be done until some additional work required by The Strand development is completed. This additional work involves shifting the current median opening used to access Andy’s Market to align slightly westward with the new emergency exit from The Strand. That, in turn, cannot happen until the new Andy’s Market is completed and open. Thus, this repaving likely won’t occur until Spring or Summer of 2017.

Andy’s Market Schedule: Originally, Andy Bacich had hoped to open his new market by Thanksgiving. However, construction delays, such as the delivery of the roof trusses, has moved that date into very early 2017.