Quarry Committee

The purpose of the Quarry Committee is to address, on behalf of the Coalition Board, all issues associated with the San Rafael Rock Quarry that are properly within the scope of matters addressable by the Pt. San Pedro Road Coalition so that the full Coalition Board can make informed decisions regarding Quarry matters. As a large-scale industrial mining operation on the Pt. San Pedro waterfront, the San Rafael Rock Quarry significantly impacts the Pt. San Pedro Road residential community, students at schools along the roadway, as well as visitors to the public park next to the quarry.  The Coalition, primarily through the work of the Quarry Committee, thus undertakes the task of understanding, monitoring, reporting and influencing Quarry operations, as appropriate.

The Quarry Committee is made up of members of the Pt. San Pedro peninsula community concerned about the impact to residents and visitors to the area from operations of the San Rafael Rock Quarry. The leadership of the committee, or Quarry Executive Committee, shall include at least one member of the Coalition Board and such other individuals who agree to accept appointment by the Coalition Board, and shall have exclusive discretionary authority to act on behalf of the Quarry Committee.

Quarry Committee Chair: Dave Crutcher

The full S.R. Rock Quarry Committee Operating Guidelines & Procedures provides a detailed description of the Quarry Committee and its objectives.