Pt. San Pedro Roadway Home Page

Point San Pedro Road winds in and out of two jurisdictions; the City of San Rafael and the County of Marin. Thus, responsibility for many aspects of this roadway is shared between them. This includes the roadway, sidewalks and the area between the sidewalks and the curb.

One area that is not shared is the medians. As a result of the formation of a Special Assessment District created by a majority community vote in 2011, funds are assessed on all properties along the roadway to pay for the upgrade and maintenance of the medians (see the Median Maintenance section). As a result, the City of San Rafael, and in particular its Public Works Department, is responsible for the management and disbursement of these funds.

As part of the final agreements that cleared the way for the County of Marin to approve the operating permits for the San Rafael Rock Quarry (see the S.R. Rock Quarry page), Marin County, the City of San Rafael and the Quarry (providing the asphalt paving materials) agreed to repave Pt. San Pedro Road from Union Street to the Quarry entrance with special sound-deadening asphalt (see the Paving section). This paving work was completed in the summer of 2014. The Coalition was a key player in obtaining that condition for the permit approval and the Coalition’s Roadway Committee acted as a community representative to the various entities involved.

As part of the repaving, striping for bike lanes is an issue along the entire length of the roadway. A key area of concern is the portion of the roadway at and near San Pedro School and the development at the Loch Lomond Marina. The Roadway Committee has been extremely active in working with all parties concerned to achieve an acceptable compromise between Class II (no parking) and Class III (shared parking and bikes) on the roadway (see Bike Lanes section).

Point San Pedro Road carries considerable traffic, including truck traffic to and from the San Rafael Rock Quarry. This traffic causes extra wear of the road surface, noise for residents along the roadway and dust from the trucks. Diesel fumes are also a cause for concern.

Provisions of the agreement between the County, the Quarry and the Coalition that resulted in the approval in 2010 of the Quarry’s operating permits regulates the number of truck trips per day allowed for the Quarry truck traffic. In addition to monitoring this traffic, the Committee is also concerned with speeding and congestion on the roadway (see Traffic Management and Roadway Safety sections).