Pt. San Pedro Roadway Committee

The Coalitions’ Roadway Committee is made up of interested Point San Pedro Road Peninsula residents.

The purpose of the Pt. San Pedro Roadway Committee is to work with neighbors, the City of San Rafael and Marin County on all aspects of the roadway that are of concern to the residents. This includes the maintenance of the medians, traffic congestion, roadway safety, road paving and construction work, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and parking issues.

The Roadway Committee functions using subcommittees. Current subcommittees include: Median Maintenance, Traffic Management, and Roadway Safety.

Median Maintenance Subcommittee: Works with City staff to ensure Assessment District funded landscaping for medians on Point San Pedro Road are property maintained. The Subcommittee is also working on, or will soon be working on, issues such as designation of roadway bicycle lanes, roadway speed limits and speed enforcement.

Traffic Management Subcommittee: Works with City and County staff on developing strategies and solutions on traffic congestion issues that impact Point San Pedro area residents.

Roadway Safety: Works with County and City staff, members of the Marin Bicycle Coalition and the City’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee on developing and implementing strategies for improving and educating all persons, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists on roadway safety issues.

Additional subcommittees will be created to addresses other roadway issues as needed.

Roadway Committee Chair: Kevin Hagerty

The full Pt. San Pedro Roadway Committee Operating Guidelines & Procedures provides a detailed description of the Roadway Committee structure and objectives.