Pt. San Pedro Roadway: Public Works Dept Email Regarding Tree Removal

Mr. Alan Schaevitz

Per your request today I have contacted the landscape designer regarding the landscaping on Point San Pedro Road. We have been receiving quite a few calls regarding the reasons for removing all the trees in the median of Point San Pedro Road for which we have the following reasons:

All the trees are being removed to provide continuity for the new planting.

In some areas, the new irrigation system would affect the tree roots such that the tree would be damaged.

The trees in the medians near Biscayne are stunted and are not a good species for medians.

Many other trees toward the high school are also stunted and will never thrive as much as new trees in well irrigated and appropriately amended soil.

Trees between Main and Knight Drive are being removed to allow complete views from the homes. The homeowners insisted on this.

If we remove all the trees now, we can properly amend the soil in total for a thriving plant communityadjacent longer into the future.

Some trees although mature tend to be problematic for maintenance and drop their leaves. Installation of a new tree would be beneficial to the maintenance operation.

I hope this helps to address some of the concerns being raised about the reasons for the existing tree removal.

Kevin McGowan
Assistant Public Works Director/City Engineer

P.S. The planset for the planting scheme is rather large and placing them on the website is problematic. If anyone is interested in reviewing the detailed plan we would be happy to have them review the material at our offices located at 111 Morphew Street.