Pt. San Pedro Roadway: Paving

As part of the final agreements that cleared the way for the County of Marin to approve the operating permits for the San Rafael Rock Quarry (see the S.R. Rock Quarry page), Marin County, the City of San Rafael and the Quarry (providing the asphalt paving materials) agreed to repave Pt. San Pedro Road from Union Street to the Quarry entrance with special sound-deadening asphalt. The Repaving Project also included installation of ADA curb cuts on street corners along Point San Pedro Road and some sidewalk repair. The Coalition was a key player in obtaining that condition for the permit approval.

The repaving project began in early April 2014 and was completed by the end of August 2014. The remaining signage work is expected to be completed by the end of October 2014.

The first phase of repaving work which was managed by the Marin County Public Works Department covered Point San Pedro Road from Union Street to the Quarry Driveway. The second phase of the repaving, which will be from the Quarry Driveway to Biscayne Drive, will be managed by the City of San Rafael Public Works Department and is scheduled for the spring /summer period of 2015, pending available funding.

This project was also discussed at the May 21, 2013 Community meeting and is described in the Community Meeting Summary Report. There is also a report from an outside consultant regarding the Bonded Wearing Course asphalt that was used in the primary project and is intended to be used in the Quarry-to-Biscayne Drive project.

The type of asphalt pavement selected for the project was made of a special noise reduction material. A test section of the roadway was paved with this new material and a report generated prior to the beginning of the main repaving project. The performance findings from the test section can be found in the Noise Reduction Report prepared for the County.

The Roadway Committee worked closely with the County project manager and helped communicate project updates with area residents and will continue to do so again when Phase II of the repaving project commences.

Area residents have expressed some concern that there have been several instances in which the newly paved road has been torn up within a month of the paving work being done. In most of this situations, it was the repaving contractor rising the manhole covers. The current paving practice is for the paving contractor to pave over all the utility covers and then to come back and dig up the area above and around the covers, elevate the covers and patch the area around the covers.

Both the City and the County have policies that prohibit the tearing up sections of the newly repaved roadway for two years except for emergency repairs.

One area of excavation in the new roadway within this 2-year timeframe, however, is related to the construction project at the Loch Lomond Marina. It had been hoped that connecting utilities into this project would have occurred prior to the paving project, but that did not happen. Digging into the newly-paved roadway is required to connect sewer, water, gas and electricity services into the project. Once that has been completed, the developer is required to repave the entire intersection at Lochinvar/Loch Lomond Drive in a manner consistent with the existing roadway. Status of this project as well as the particulars of this excavation and repaving on Pt. San Pedro Road can be found in the Loch Lomond Marina section of this website.