Pt. San Pedro Roadway: Committee Operating Guidelines and Procedures

Roadway Committee
Operating Guidelines and Procedures
Adopted December 5, 2013

  1. Committee Name
    1. This committee shall be known as the Roadway Committee, hereinafter called the “Committee”.
  2. Committee’s Relationship to the San Pedro Road Coalition (“Coalition”)
    1. This Committee is subordinate to, and reports to, the Coalition Board.
    2. All funds related to the Committee shall be maintained in Coalition accounts and managed by the Coalition Treasurer.
    3. The Coalition Board may override any action of the Committee, including election of officers, by a majority vote of the Coalition Board.
    4. The Committee Chair or Vice-Chair, or their representative, shall report any proposed Committee action to the Coalition Board in a timely manner.
    5. The Committee must have Coalition Board approval prior to taking any action that requires solicitation of funds, expenditure of funds, or might jeopardize the tax-exempt status of the Coalition.
  3. Committee Objectives
    1. Study, review and evaluate roadway issues that affect residents who live in communities along Point San Pedro Road.
    2. Work with appropriate government agencies and /or businesses to develop recommendations that can to implemented to address problem issues.
  4. Committee Membership
    1. The Committee shall consist of a minimum of six Members and a maximum of twenty-one Members.
    2. Membership in the Committee is open to all residents who live in the Point San Pedro corridor but requires the vote of a majority of the full Committee membership.
    3. Membership in the Committee may be revoked by a vote of two-thirds of the full Committee membership.
    4. On each matter submitted to a vote of the Members, each member shall be entitled to cast one vote.
    5. A member may resign from the Committee at any time by a written notice to the Chair or Vice-Chair.
    6. It is understood that this Committee is a voluntary association of its Members and does not legally bind any Member to its actions or financial obligations.
  5. Committee Officers
    1. The officers of the Committee shall consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and, optionally, a Treasurer. The positions of Secretary and Treasurer may be filled by one Member.
    2. Officers must be Members of the Committee.
    3. Initially the Chair of the Committee shall be appointed by the Coalition Board of Directors and will serve a term that expires December 31, 2014. Beginning, January 1, 2015, officers shall be elected annually by a majority of the full membership of the Committee.
    4. An officer may resign by written notice to the Committee.
    5. Election of officers shall occur when one of the following conditions are met:
      1. An officer completes their term at the end of December.
      2. A vacancy occurs by resignation.
      3. An officer is removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the full Committee membership.
    6. The duties of the Officers are:
      1. Chair: Call Committee meetings, set meeting agendas and preside over those meetings. The Chair is also responsible for bringing Committee recommendations to the Coalition Board for review and action.
      2. Vice-Chair: Act in the capacity of Chair when the Chair is unavailable for any reason.
      3. Secretary: Take minutes of Committee meetings and distribute these minutes to Members. Retain the Committee Operating Guidelines and Procedures and maintain the Committee membership list.
      4. Treasurer (optional): Maintain Committee financial records of the receipt and disbursement of funds related to Committee activities. Provide financial reports to the Committee membership as requested.
      5. Any other financial duties as determined from time to time by the Officers and the Committee membership.
  6. Committee Meetings
    1. A Committee meeting shall be convened under one of the following conditions:
      1. A meeting is called by either the Chair or the Vice-Chair.
      2. A meeting is called by four members of the Committee.
    2. A quorum of the Committee is present at a Committee meeting when more than 50% of the full Committee membership is present at that meeting.
    3. A Committee meeting may conduct business and vote on motions only if a quorum is present.
    4. A vote of the majority of Members at a Committee meeting at which a quorum is present is sufficient to pass motions except where specifically defined otherwise in these bylaws.
    5. A meeting may be conducted with Members present in person or by conference call.
  7. Modification of the Rules and Operating Procedures
    1. These Rules and Operating Procedures may be amended or modified by a two-thirds vote of the full membership of the Committee.