Pt. San Pedro Roadway: Sidewalks

The Roadway Median Assessment District Project did not include any improvements to roadway sidewalks or the adjacent areas between the street curb and the sidewalk. The County and the City have done some sidewalk and curb repair work as well as installation of ADA curb ramps as part of other projects.

However, the general rule is that sidwalks, while they are on public right-of-ways, are the responsibility of the property owners adjacent to them. Any buckling or damage to the sidewalks are the financial responsibility of those property owners. Property owners can even be held liable for any repair costs incurred by city or county agencies and are potentially liable for personal injury caused by sidewalks in disrepair. Certain issues, such as handicap access at intersections and sidewalks that are adjacent to public property are, of course, the responsibility of the appropriate government agency.