Posted 9/18/15: Pt. San Pedro Road Speed Limit Meeting to be held October 7

The Point San Pedro Road Coalition, the City of San Rafael and the County of Marin invite you to attend an informational meeting on the pending increases in the speed limit on Point San Pedro Road.

Wednesday, October 7 at 7pm
San Pedro School Multi-Purpose Room
498 Point San Pedro Road

At the meeting representatives from the City and County Public Works Departments and a representative of the San Rafael Police Department will provide information on the pending increase in the speed limit on Point San Pedro Road and will be able to answer questions on this subject.

Current Situation

Point San Pedro Road extends for four and one half miles between Union Street and Biscayne Drive. Portions of the road are located in both the City and County jurisdictions. Speed limits on California roads are established on the basis of an engineering and traffic survey performed in accordance with traffic engineering practices and in compliance with the California Vehicle Code. Speed limits rely on the premise that a reasonable speed limit is one that conforms to the actual behavior of the majority of drivers. To that end, the California Vehicle Code mandates that speed limits be established based upon the results of a radar speed survey and requires that the speed limit be established at the speed in which 85% of the surveyed vehicles were traveling.

The results of the speed survey are acknowledged by the Marin County Superior Court and after posting signs, enforcement using radar is permitted. San Rafael’s speed limit certification for its portions on Point San Pedro Road is out of date and accordingly the San Rafael Police have not been able to enforce the existing speed limits using radar.

Results of Roadway Speed Surveys

The City’s Public Works Department has recently conducted the required speed surveys on their portions of Point San Pedro Road and found the 85th percentile speed of vehicles was slightly above 40 mph. As a result of this finding, the San Rafael Public Works Department is recommending the speed limit in the City portions of Point San Pedro Road be increased from 35 to 40 mph.

The major benefit of this increase will be that the San Rafael Police Department will then be able to enforce the new speed limit with radar.

Several years ago the County conducted a speed survey on their portions of the roadway and determined the 85th percentile was near 35 mph. Accordingly, the County and City are able to enforce the speed limit within the County’s jurisdiction.

The City of San Rafael Public Works Department, after determining the speed limits in there portions of the roadway would need to be increased to 40mph, consulted with County Public Works Department on the feasibility of establishing a consistent 40 mph speed limit for the majority of Point San Pedro Road. Both City and County Public Works Department agree on this approach.

San Rafael Public Works Department has the ability to immediately move forward with the speed limit changes on Point San Pedro Road within its jurisdiction. The County Public Works Department is required to submit its recommendations for changes to the speed limit within its jurisdiction to the County Board of Supervisors for approval. The City Public Works Department has agreed to wait until that approval is obtained before implementing speed limit changes within their jurisdiction.

Roadway Summary of Existing and Pending Speed Limits

Segment Jurisdiction Existing Speed Limit Proposed Speed Limit
Mooring Rd to Marina Blvd Marin County 35 35
Marina Blvd to Porto Bella Dr San Rafael 35 40
Porto Bello Dr to Balboa Way Marin County 35 40
Balboa Way to Bayview Dr San Rafael 35 40
Bayview Dr to Main Dr Marin County 35 40
Main Dr to Biscayne Dr San Rafael 35 40