September 24, 2014: Excavations in Pt. San Pedro Road

Those of you who travel past the construction site at the Loch Lomond Marina have undoubtedly noticed that excavations have been done recently in the newly-paved Pt. San Pedro Road at the entrance to the Marina and Loch Lomond. For reference, the street that enters the Loch Lomond subdivision is called Lochinvar while its “sister” on the other side entering the marina is called Loch Lomond Drive.

Marina developers were notified by the City of San Rafael and the County of Marin that the roadway was to be resurfaced prior to the work occurring in the summer of 2014. Unfortunately, they could not mobilize fast enough to install all the necessary utilities in the roadway prior to it being resurfaced. Therefore, the developer is now installing the utilities in the roadway which include connecting into the sewer system (recently completed), gas, water and electricity. The expectation is that these will happen at different times, so additional excavations are to be expected. While water connections will occur within the Pt. San Pedro Road, the electricity is expected to be connected up Lochinvar at an existing wooden power pole at Bonnie Banks Way. So, that trench will extend from within Lochinvar and entirely across Pt. San Pedro Road.

As required by the City of San Rafael when all of the utility work is completed, the developer, at their cost, will repave the portion of the roadway at that intersection from curb-to-curb, in a matter entirely compatible with the existing paving. The timing of these additional excavations and final paving are still in flux. The Coalition will keep our residents informed as more information becomes available.