September 27, 2014: New Coalition Website!

eventAs you can see, we have been working on a major update to bring the website materials up-to-date and to make navigation to the information you need and want easier and more obvious. I hope we have succeeded in both objectives. Your feedback is important (praise is always welcome, but constructive criticism is even more helpful!).

One major note: If you bookmarked some specific page on the previous website, that link is very likely now broken. The Home page at remains the same, but all the other page addresses have changed. You will need to “re-locate” any particular page of information and “re-bookmark” it.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.

For those of you who are following the Loch Lomond Marina development, there is a new and updated Construction Schedule that reflects the changes that have occurred due to several factors.

There is a whole new section from the Point San Pedro Roadway Committee that is filled with important information regarding various projects and issues such as paving, medians, bike lanes, traffic safety and congestion. This is a very active and important committee. If you have any input or interest in this Committee’ work, please use the related contact form on the website to contact the Committee Chair, Kevin Hagerty.

In addition, all the other sections such as San Rafael Rock Quarry, Disaster Preparedness and Wetlands have been restructured and updated.

One other new feature is the Newsreader feed. If you use the newsreader function of your favorite browser or use any of a number of newsreader apps, you can now subscribe to the news feed from the Coalition website! That means that whenever a post of a news item is done, you will receive it in your newsreader feed automatically. Check at the bottom of the Home page to subscribe.

The Coalition hopes you will find this new website much improved and helpful in keeping you apprised of the issues and events that affect our community.