Wetlands Home Page

Protecting our wetlands is vitally important to the health of our planet and our communities. Our Library/Archives contains intormation about wetlands in general as well as information as to what you can do to help preserve wetlands in the community. This includes an excellent document from the EPA on Coastal Wetlands with some guidelines on what we can do as individuals to help preserve existing wetlands. The objective of the Coalition is to maintain and restore all wetlands and inlets along the Point San Pedro Road corridor.

While wetlands are the chief focus and concern of this committee, all ecology-related issues are of interest as well. In that regard, there is a Marin County Watershed Program that is part of the Marin County Department of Public Works. It is concerned with watersheds throughout the county. Of particular interest to our area is the information on San Rafael Creek that runs through our area.

While there are other wetlands in our neighborhoods, the currrent areas of concern are:

Beach Drive Wetlands
These wetlands are located within the Chicken Point area of the Bayside Acres subdivision. This area is just east of the Loch Lomond Marina and south of Pt. San Pedro Road.

Beach Drive – Loch Lomond Marina Inlet
This inlet, just south of Pt. San Pedro Road, separates the Loch Lomond Marina from that portion of the Bayside Acres subdivision known as “Chicken Point”. It also includes wetlands on the Marina side of the inlet that is part of the Village at Loch Lomond development.

San Rafael Rock Quarry Wetlands
These wetlands, bordering Pt. San Pedro Road to the south, are on property owned by Dutra Corporation that contain the San Rafael Rock Quarry and McNear Brickyard.