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Committee Operating Guidelines and ProceduresGoverning document for the Wetlands Committee
Wetlands News ArchivesArchive of past news articles and information
Coastal WetlandsAn EPA document about coastal wetlands including a definition, why they are important, coastal wetlands loss and how we as individuals can help protect these wetlands on a daily basis. The original document can be found on the EPA website.
Water Quality Control Policy for Wetland Area Protection and Dredged or fill PermittingSTATE WATER RESOURCES CONTROL BOARD (Preliminary Draft) January 28, 2013Traditionally, California relied heavily on the federal regulatory program under section 404 of the 40 Clean Water Act (CWA) to protect wetlands. This CWA program regulates the discharge of 41 dredged or fill material into federal waters, including wetlands. United States Supreme Court 42 decisions in 2001 and again in 2006 limited what is recognized as a “water of the United 43 States.” As a result, there is a need to clarify the California Water Board’s authority over 44 wetlands in order to fully protect these aquatic resources. Pursuant to California Water Code §13050, this policy applies to all waters of the state include wetlands.
San Rafael Rock Quarry Preferred Marsh Restoration Plan, 2012This report has been prepared and submitted by the SRRQ to satisfy Condition of Approval (COA) 113 from the September 28, 2010 Board of Supervisors’ approval of the Amended Reclamation Plan for the San Rafael Rock Quarry (SRRQ). It was due within one year of the COA approval but the County granted two delays and has only recently been submitted for approval (late 2013).
Water Quality Challenges in the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin DeltaEstuary: EPA's Action Plan

January 28, 2013 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed this Action Plan after assessing the effectiveness of current regulatory mechanisms designed to protect water quality in the San Francisco Bay Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary (Bay Delta Estuary) and its tributaries. EPA’s assessment concludes that Clean Water Act (CWA) programs currently are not adequately protecting aquatic resources of the Bay Delta Estuary. In this document, EPA recommends actions to restore water quality for aquatic species protection using existing EPA authorities and resources, as well as actions EPA believes are important and appropriate for the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board).

Draft Recovery Plan for Tidal Marsh Ecosystems of Northern and Central California.An Executive Summary document by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announcing a massive 50-year, $1.5 billion tidal marsh recovery effort that will include wetlands along Marin's shores. This effort may well include the wetlands along Pt. San Pedro Road. A "close-up" of the wetlands in our area that are potentially included in this recovery plan can be see in this Restoration Map.
River NetworkIf you are concerned about activities affecting wetlands in your area, you need to be familiar with the Section 404 regulatory program of the Clean Water Act. This website explains the different kinds of 404 permits that are required for different types of activities and how you can influence whether a proposed activity is permitted or not.
Coalition PresentationAt the Coalition's annual Community Meeting held on August 16, 2008, Chair Rodney Ruskin gave a presentation on the status of the Committee and its next objectives.
Year 1 Wetlands ReportYear 1 Annual Loch Lomond Marina Wetlands Monitoring Report - December 2016