Wetlands: San Rafael Rock Quarry Wetlands

These wetlands border Pt. San Pedro Road to the south (on the Bay side of the road). Due to construction on the property by the San Rafael Rock Quarry and the McNear Brickyard and related business activities, this wetland is deteriorating and in danger of disappearing.

Dutra Corporation, the owner of the San Rafael Rock Quarry and the brickyard property, has agreed to hire a consultant to study these wetlands and make a recommendation as to what needs to be done to restore and preserve this area.srrq_wetlands-2008

A report, titled San Rafael Rock Quarry Preferred Marsh Restoration Plan, 2012 (see the Committee Library/Archive) has been prepared and submitted by the SRRQ to satisfy Condition of Approval (COA) 113 from the September 28, 2010 Board of Supervisors’ approval of the Amended Reclamation Plan for the San Rafael Rock Quarry (SRRQ). It was due within one year of the COA approval but the County granted two delays and it has not submitted for approval until late 2012.