While much work is conducted at the Board level by Board members, key committees are formed as needed for specific issues or concerns. Our current committees are:

  • Loch Lomond Marina Committee: The land known as the Loch Lomond Marina comprises an area greater than just the marina and includes commercial establishments such as Andy’s Market, the Loch Lomond Yacht Club, a dry cleaners and a professional building. It is currently a development site that will become known as the Village at Loch Lomond Marina. This will include 81 residential units of varying sizes, a relocated and improved Andy’s Market, the Loch Lomond Yacht Club, a public launch ramp, professional offices and a much-improved harbor and waterfront recreational facility. Until it is completed, this is a construction site with potential impact on surrounding neighborhoods. Even after it is completed, there are concerns regarding potential off-site parking issues. During this time, the Loch Lomond Marina Committee will provide community oversight of the construction project to assist both the neighbors and the contractor in minimizing these impacts.
  • San Rafael Rock Quarry Committee: The San Rafael Rock Quarry has operated as a rock quarry in our neighborhood for about a century. Over the recent decades, residences have built up around the mining site due to the site being rezoned from Industrial to Residential/Light Commercial. The Quarry was permitted to continue operations as a “non-conforming use.” This resulted in friction between residents and the Quarry owners.  In 1986, the Quarry was acquired by the Dutra family, and production and mining procedures expanded substantially, resulting in further conflict with residents and an eventual lawsuit spearheaded by the Coalition.  As a result of that lawsuit, the Quarry underwent environmental review and a new mining permit with 172 conditions and an amended reclamation plan were approved by the Marin County Board of Supervisors in 2010.  The Quarry Committee monitors the Quarry’s general compliance with the existing permit and law, deals with the Coalition’s counsel on all Quarry-related legal matters, and communicates with Quarry officials on day-to-day matters, as appropriate.
  • Pt. San Pedro Roadway Committee; Pt. San Pedro Road winds in and out of two jurisdictions; the City of San Rafael and the County of Marin and many aspects of the roadway is shared between them. This includes the roadway, sidewalks and the area between the sidewalks and the curb. One area that is not shared is the medians as a result of the formation of a Special Assessment District created by a majority community vote in 2011. Funds are assessed on all properties along the roadway to pay for the upgrade and maintenance of the medians and the City of San Rafael,(S.R. Public Works Department) assumed the management and disbursement of these funds and, thus, the responsibility for all the medians. The purpose of the Pt. San Pedro Roadway Committee is to work with neighbors, the City of San Rafael and Marin County on all aspects of the roadway that are of concern to the residents. This includes the maintenance of the medians, road paving and conditions, traffic congestion and speed issues, sidewalks, and parking and bicycle lanes. 
  • General Plan 2040 Steering Committee: The City of San Rafael has embarked on the task of developing updates to the existing General Plan 2020 that was developed in the early 2000’s. This effort is to update that plan to represent the expectations for the City through 2040. The City has formed a GP2040 Steering Committee comprised of representatives from neighborhood organizations, youth, special interest groups and others to provide broad community input to this process. The Coalition was asked to participate on this committee as a representative of the Point San Pedro Road corridor residents and businesses. Other organizations have committee members whose interests overlap our geographic area, of course, so those special interests are also represented. The individuals participating on this steering committee from the Coalition are Bonnie Marmor as primary member and Alan Schaevitz as alternate.
  • Disaster Preparedness Committee: Disasters are unexpected events which disrupt normal living and threaten our health and well being. The Pt. San Pedro Road Coalition urges Homeowner Associations to take responsibility for developing emergency response plans and preparing their members for when a disaster occurs. The Disaster Preparedness Committee supports a coordinated planning effort between homeowner associations along the Pt. San Pedro Road corridor to help assure all levels of our community are prepared to successfully respond to a disaster. Our website also provides significant information to aid the community  in this effort.
  • Wetlands Committee: Protecting our wetlands is vitally important to the health of our planet and our communities. The objective of the Wetlands Committee is to maintain and restore all wetlands and inlets along the Point San Pedro Road corridor. While there are other wetlands in our neighborhoods, the currrent areas of concern are the Beach Drive wetlands, the Beach Drive – Loch Lomond Marina inlet and the San Rafael Rock Quarry wetlands.