General Plan 2040 Home Page

The General Plan provides San Rafael’s vision for its future, including policies for the future growth and conservation of the city.  It is a State-mandated document and covers topics such as land use, transportation, housing, open space, conservation, community design, and safety. San Rafael’s current General Plan was adopted in 2004 and looked ahead to the Year 2020 (see GP2020). Among other things, GP2020 defined the environment that led to the Village at Loch Lomond Marina (aka The Strand) development. So, this work is very important to our community.

On March 5, 2018, the City Council adopted a detailed work program for the General Plan Update, including descriptions of each task to be performed, and a project budget and schedule.  The 90-page work program outlines 15 tasks and over 100 sub-tasks to be completed over a three-year period, culminating with adoption of General Plan 2040 (GP2040). It is likely that there will be elements of GP2040 that affect developments at the San Rafael Rock Quarry and other aspects of our neighborhood, so this effort continues to be important to our residents.

The work program includes a Community Engagement Strategy, along with detailed provisions for traffic modeling, environmental review, land use analysis, and policy development.  Specific milestones and deliverables are identified for each task.  The project budget includes an appropriation of roughly $1.1 million for consulting services, to be drawn from an existing fund set up a decade ago to maintain and implement the General Plan.

Under the Community Engagement Strategy, a public steering committee has been formed by the City, and the Point San Pedro Road Coalition was invited to participate as a representative of the Pt. San Pedro Road corridor residents. The GP2040 Steering Committee Bylaws define the scope and intent of this committee. The Coalition’s co-president, Bonnie Marmor, has been selected as our primary member of the steering committee and Board member Alan Schaevitz as the alternate. The City has created a GP2040 website page to document and detail the process and progress of this effort. Ongoing progress and information will be communicated via periodic posts on this website.

We would like to hear from you! You may submit comments and ideas on the General Plan through the Contact the Coalition’s GP2040 Committee Representatives Form on this website at any time during the planning process. You can also submit your comments and ideas directly to the City’s GP2040 Project Manager, Barry Miller, using the City’s GP2040 Contact Form.