Loch Lomond Marina: Site Design

Village at Loch Lomond Marina MapThe architectural drawings and renderings in this section were provided by the developer and represent the material presented to, and approved by, the City of San Rafael as part of the review and permitting process, including an Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

This Site Plan drawing is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to depict all details of the approved site plan (select the image shown here to see a larger version). Detailed site plans were submitted at a S.R. Design Review Board (DRB) meeting on January 31, 2007. Another DRB hearing was held on March 20, 2007 at which time the design was approved. The design was then reviewed by the San Rafael Planning Commission on April 24, 2007 at a public hearing. Subsequently, a meeting on May 8, 2007 of the Planning Commission approved these plans. Those interested in a more detailed understanding of the site plans are encouraged to visit the San Rafael Community Development Department offices at San Rafael City Hall (3rd Floor) where the plans are available for viewing.

The site plan is a “top down” view of the site showing the footprints of the various buildings. (For more details regarding FEMA-required housing pad elevations, see the February 12, 2015 post on that topic.) Each building will have various heights (1 to 2 stories) and setbacks, so it is not possible to “see” the bulk or mass (or lack thereof) from this view. Other views have been provided of these buildings by the developer that show these features. Also, some more detailed floor plans of the residential units are depicted on the developer’s marketing site at The Strand at Loch Lomond Marina.

To assist in “reading” the site plan, here is some supporting information, including an explanation of the color-coding:

  • This is a drawing of the completed construction and occupancy. Intermediate phases of the site during construction can be viewed in the Construction Schedule section.
  • There is a single entrance to this development at Pt. San Pedro Road called Loch Lomond Drive.
  • As you enter the development, the commercial buildings and marina-related operations are to your right (to the west, or the left side as you look at the design drawing).
  • The first building at the corner of Pt. San Pedro Road and Loch Lomond Drive (in purple) is a mixed-use building with commercial tenants on the first floor and 5 residential units on the second floor (somewhat set back from the corner).
  • The second building (in blue), near the waterfront, is a 13,000 square foot full-service grocery, the new location of Andy’s Market.
  • The yacht club building is shown in darker grey to the west of the boardwalk on the waterfront.
  • The long parking spaces on the extreme left of the design drawing (west) are for day use trailer parking. There is no dry boat storage in the development.
  • As you enter the development, the residential buildings are to your left (to the east, or the right side as you look at the design drawing).
  • Mid-way down Loch Lomond Drive on the east (or right side as you view this plan) is a residential road (curved, in gray) providing vehicular access to the residences. There are marked curb-side parking spaces on this road for guests. Branching off of that residential road are what the developer calls “alleys” (also in grey) that provide vehicular access to each residential unit.
  • Each residential unit has a 2-car attached garage.
  • There are a total of 81 residential units (5 units over the commercial building and 76 units in the area to the east).
  • The buildings along Pt. San Pedro Road (in pale yellow) are all 1-story cottages as well as some in the interior of the property.
  • The buildings along the inlet and conservation/wetland area to the east and the buildings along the waterfront (in orange) are all single-family homes with varying 1 and 2 story heights.
  • The 9 larger buildings in the center of the property (in brown) are a mix of 4-unit and 5-unit townhouses.
  • The roadway along the boardwalk (in grey) and extending into the center spit and eastern wetlands provide public access and parking.
  • The landscaping shown is intended not to impede the view corridors from Pt. San Pedro Road. However, there are trees in the plan which may have that effect.